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Management (MGMT) 3275

International Management


Willing to make friends in class

Willingness to work hard in a team and off class


Dr. Victor Zitian Chen


Friday Building, Room 240C

704-687-7645 (or 77645 in campus)

By appointment only

Please make sure to put your session # in your email subject: “MGMT3275”.


There is no required textbook. All the teaching materials will be posted on this website after the class.


1) Robert J. House, Peter W. Dorfman, Mansour Javidan, Paul J. Hanges, & Mary F. Sully de Luque, Strategic Leadership across Cultures: The GLOBE Study of CEO Leadership Behavior and Effectiveness in 24 Countries, SAGE.

2) Alan M. Rugman and Simon Collinson, International Business, 5th Edition, Prentice Hall.


You will also benefit by visiting regularly the following media: The Economist, The Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Business Week

All the course materials (e.g., lecture slides) will be uploaded to this website.


Course Description

This course is designed as an introduction to understand diverse cultures across the world, to understand leadership behaviors and effectiveness in different countries, and to practice strategic leadership of a multi-cultural team.


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students should:

1.       Be able to demonstrate an understanding of the theoretical foundations of diverse cultures

2.       Comprehend the effects of cultural factors on leadership behaviors and effectiveness

3.       Practice strategic leadership of a multi-cultural team


Grading Policies

In-Cass Review Quizzes                                                                                                 55% (5% x 11)

Team Project: A multicultural, multifunctional team building and leadership                        15%

Final Team Presentation (10 minutes)                                                                               15%

Class participation                                                                                                          15%


Each in-class review quiz is a closed-book based and individual exam. It consists of five single-choice questions on the concepts, theories, and models learned in that class. All quizzes take place in the last 30 minutes of each class and the answers will be reviewed in the beginning of the next class. It is a good way of reviewing the knowledge each week.


Team Project is a team-based simulation of strategic leadership of a multicultural and multifunctional group of members. In the first three weeks, we will be measuring each person’s cultures to find out who you are culturally. Then the class will be divided into several groups, each of which has 5-6 members. Each member is playing a simulated role in creating a new business organization (including a general manager, chief marketing officer, chief financial officer, chief product officer, chief HR officer, and, if 6 people, chief information officer). Different functions tend to compete for resources and support from the general manager, causing conflicts. All team members work together throughout the semester to work on a long-term strategic plan in order to resolve conflicts and to achieve a common goal – long-term survival of the new organization. The team management plans should be based on the theories we learn from the class. The team report consists of three parts: (1) A brief introduction of each team member: what is each one’s function? What is each one’s cultures? How were these cultures measured? How different were the cultures within the team? (2) A brief discussion of the conflicts among team members, e.g., what were caused by cultural differences? (3) How were these conflicts resolved? What was the common strategic plan and goal? Totally, the report should be 10-12 pages.


The final team presentation is to present the essence of the reports in 10 minutes and to share experiences to the class. For both report and presentation, please send only electronic version, including a title page of each team member’s name, 800 number, and % of contribution to the overall assignment. Don’t be polite to give high credits to team members that contribute little. Format: Times New Roman, 11pt, double space, 10-12 pages including figures/tables/references. Please check the most recent Harvard Business Review for format/style in more detail.


Letter grades and numeric grades equate as follows for this course:

A          90-100

B          80-89.5

C          70-79.5

D         60-69.5

F          <60 or violations of the University Policy 407, The Code of Student Academic Integrity


Access our class grade


All members of the course are expected to adhere to the University Policy 407, The Code of Student Academic Integrity. Violations of this code include but are not limited to: cheating, plagiarism, falsification and fabrication, multiple submissions, abuse of academic materials, and complicity in academic dishonesty. Violators will receive a failing grade and may risk suspension from the University. Additional details on the Code of Student Academic Integrity are available at


Make-up Quiz

There will be no make-up quiz, except if anything emergent (life-death) occurs.


The Belk College of Business strives to create an inclusive academic climate in which the dignity of all individuals is respected and maintained. Therefore, we celebrate diversity that includes, but is not limited to ability/disability, age, culture, ethnicity, gender, language, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status.


Course Outline and Schedule





Any quiz/report due



AUG 24

Orientation and global environments




AUG 31

Global cultures and institutions

In-class quiz 1 (Answers)



SEP 07

Global cultural differences

In-class quiz 2 (Answers)



SEP 14

The science behind global cultural differences

In-class quiz 3 (Answers)


Hofstede’s Table

USA described by Hofstede’s


SEP 21

Academic exercise: how to access academic databases and find empirical evidence from scientific papers?

@Atkins Library (Atkins 125)


In-library assignment


SEP 28

Practice 1: Let’s measure who you are culturally!

In-class quiz 4 (Answers)



OCT 05

(Deadline for unsatisfactory grade)

Leadership, upper echelon theory and global cultures

In-class quiz 5 (Answers)



OCT 12

Potluck of international foods happy hours!

Functional top management team: A review 1 of 2

In-class quiz 6 (Answers)



OCT 19

Functional top management team: A review 2 of 2

In-class quiz 7(Answers)



OCT 26

Findings of GLOBE Project 1 of 2

In-class quiz 8 (Answers)



NOV 02

Findings of GLOBE Project 2 of 2

In-class quiz 9 (Answers)



NOV 09

Practice 2: Let’s find the leadership-culture fit for your team!

In-class quiz 10 (Answers)



NOV 16

Other selected topics about cross-cultural management

In-class quiz 11 (Answers)





NOV 30

Potluck of international foods happy hours!

A synthesis of the class and discussion on remaining issues related to the final team presentations

Report Due Midnight after class



DEC 07

Final presentation



DEC 14

Make-up quiz 12 (Answers), only if you missed classes for granted excuses.








*For more information of the university’s academic calendar, see