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Selective testimonies from students:


This has been my favorite course throughout my four years at UNC Charlotte. Dr. Chen has taught me more than textbook definitions and has helped prepare for the real world.


I learned a lot from Professor Chen. He opened up my eyes to a new career path that I eventually might look into pursuing. He is always readily available to help if you have any questions with the course material. He always works with his students and treats them with the utmost respect. Overall, I really enjoyed this class.


The lectures were informative and interesting. Probably the best class I've had since attending this University.


What suggestions do you have to improve this course? Nothing, It's legitimately an amazing course, and I don*t think there is any way to improve it from where it currently stands.


Dr. Chen is an excellent professor! His real life examples and in-class assignments made the course especially interesting and challenging in the right way 每 applying the theoretical knowledge we learned to real situations. In addition, Dr. Chen is very accommodating to students* situations and was ready to help every student who needed that.


I only took this class because it fit my schedule and met a requirement. I was surprised to find out how much I enjoyed it.


I like the professor and his clothing. I really like his Burberry tie.


Best instructor! Best style of teaching! Learn a lot!


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Management (MGMT) 3274

International Business Processes and Problems



Good geographic knowledge about the world

Good spreadsheet (e.g., MS Excel) skills

Some data mining and processing experience

Exposure to foreign cultures

Willingness to work hard in a team and off class


Dr. Victor Zitian Chen [Homepage]


Friday Building, 132



Friday Building, Room 240C

704-687-7645 (or 77645 in campus)

1:00-1:45pm or by appointment

Please make sure to put your session # in your email subject: ※MGMT3274-section#§.


There is no required textbook. All the teaching materials will be posted on this website after the class.


1) Alan M. Rugman and Simon Collinson, International Business, 5th Edition, Prentice Hall.

2) John H. Dunnin and Sarianna M. Lundan, Multinational Enterprises and the Global Economy (2008). Edward Elgar Publishing.


You will also benefit by visiting regularly the following media: The Economist, The Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Business Week

All the course materials (e.g., lecture slides) will be uploaded to this website.


Course Description

This course is designed as an introduction to the processes and strategies, institutions and environments, and barriers and problems with international business. The course will cover such topics as foundations for international business, the environment of international business, processes and strategies of international business, and practical implications.


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students should:

1.       Be able to demonstrate an understanding of the theoretical foundations of international business

2.       Comprehend the effects of environmental factors (socio-political, cultural, economic, technological factor) on the processes of international businesses

3.       Learn how to analyze and design global business operations and strategies


Grading Policies


In-Cass Review Quizzes, Open-book (4:15-4:30pm)

            30% (1% x 3 Single Choice Questions x 10 Quizzes)

Weekly Group Simulation Project with Professor Chen*s Participation (3:30-4:15pm, one PPT slide due in class)

            33% (3% each x 10 Projects with 3% extra for one project)

Final Exam, Open-book (2-4pm)

            27% (1% x 27 Single Choice Questions 每 totally 30 questions to choose from)

Class Participation

            10% (divided equally into attendance 5% and active discussion 5%)


Each in-class review quiz is an individual work, and consists of three single-choice questions on the concepts, theories, formula, and models learned in that class. All quizzes are based in Canvas and will become available at 4:15pm. It normally takes no more than 15 minutes to finish. The class finishes officially at 4:30pm. But the quizzes will remain open for completion until 6pm if you decide to give more checks after class. You can check the course website for example questions for practice during the break of each class.


Each weekly group simulation project is a hands-on experience to apply the concepts, theories, formula, and models learned in that class to a real business company of your own selection as a group. Each group should have four to five members 每 so totally nine to ten groups in the class. Each week project is related to each other, so in the end, all slides bind together as a complete international business plan.


Final exam is accumulative of entire semester, and as similar questions as weekly review quizzes. Again, it is open-book J


Make-up policies (new): If you have to miss a class, you need to write to me for approval before the class. If it is an emergency and thus you cannot notify me before class, you should notify me immediately after the emergency. You can still take regular review quizzes online between 4-6pm. To make-up your group project contribution, you can ask your team if you can prepare more materials or take on more work the next time in class. To make-up class participation or to earn extra credits into class participation, you can attend any international business-related events, and submit to me a one-page summary. If you have to miss online review quizzes, there will be a make-up quiz close to the final exam. Please check regularly World Affairs Council of Charlotte, Charlotte Chamber, International House, for events. I will also routinely post up information for international business-related events. Each event participation counts for (10/15)%, i.e., one class credit.


Letter grades and numeric grades equate as follows for this course:

A          90-100

B          80-89.5

C          70-79.5

D         60-69.5

F          <60 or violations of the University Policy 407, The Code of Student Academic Integrity


All members of the course are expected to adhere to the University Policy 407, The Code of Student Academic Integrity. Violations of this code include but are not limited to: cheating, plagiarism, falsification and fabrication, multiple submissions, abuse of academic materials, and complicity in academic dishonesty. Violators will receive a failing grade and may risk suspension from the University. Additional details on the Code of Student Academic Integrity are available at


Make-up Quiz

There will be no make-up quiz, except emergent (life-death) causes.


The Belk College of Business strives to create an inclusive academic climate in which the dignity of all individuals is respected and maintained. Therefore, we celebrate diversity that includes, but is not limited to ability/disability, age, culture, ethnicity, gender, language, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status.


Course Outline and Schedule





Any quiz or group project



AUG 25

Orientation and international business environments




SEP 01

Multinational enterprises (MNEs) and their activities

In-class review quiz 1 (in Canvas)

Example quiz 1 (Answers)


Largest MNEs


SEP 08

Sources of competitive advantages in international business: OLI paradigm

In-class review quiz 2 (in Canvas)

Example quiz 2 (Answers)



SEP 15

(Due date for forming your team)

A closer look into ownership (O) advantages

In-class review quiz 3 (in Canvas)

Example quiz 3 (Answers in Canvas for confidential information)


Group project 1 (in Canvas)



SEP 22

A closer look into locational (L) advantages

In-class review quiz 4 (in Canvas)

Example quiz 4 (Answers)


Group project 2 (in Canvas)



M&A Deals


SEP 29

Academic exercise:

Data collection for a comparison table between Wells and your top five competitors in your last assignment

Guest speaker #1: Rishi Bhatnagar (CEO, Syntelli Solutions Inc.; Founding President, Analytics & Big Data Society)


Search Results


OCT 06

(Deadline for unsatisfactory grade)

A closer look into internalization (I) advantages: Theories

In-class review quiz 5 (in Canvas)

Example quiz 5 (Answers)


Group project 3 (in Canvas)



OCT 13

I advantages: Practices

In-class quiz 6 (in Canvas) due 5pm next Thursday

Example quiz 6 (Answers)


Group project 4 (in Canvas)


Guest speaker #2: Wes Seeger (GPS Capital Markets, former BoA)



OCT 20

Foreign contexts: A comparative institutional framework in action

Take-home review quiz 7 (in Canvas) due 5pm next Thursday

Example quiz 7(Answers)


Group project 5 (in Canvas)


Make-up Group project to replace your lowest score in previous group projects



OCT 27

Foreign economic contexts and risks

Take-home review quiz 8 (in Canvas) due 5pm next Thursday

Example quiz 8 (Answers)


Group project 6 (in Canvas)



NOV 03

Foreign legal-political contexts and risks

Take-home review quiz 9 (in Canvas) due 5pm next Thursday

Example quiz 9 (Answers)


Group project 7 (in Canvas)


Guest speaker #3: Tim Newlin (Executive Director, Multinational Corporations Group, JP Morgan Chase)



NOV 10

Foreign socio-cultural contexts and risks

Take-home review quiz 10 (in Canvas) due 5pm next Thursday

Example quiz 10 (Answers)


Group project 8 (in Canvas)



NOV 17

Designing a database to monitor key variables for CSAs, FSAs, and opportunities/risks abroad

Group project 9 (in Canvas)


Guest speaker #4: Daniel Ward (Associate Partner, Sia Partner; former SVP Operations and Technology, Bank of America Merrill Lynch)





DEC 01

A synthesis of the class and discussion on issues related to Final Exam

Group project 10 (in Canvas)



Appendix: Wells Fargo Project 2015 Summary


DEC 08

Final Exam







*For more information of the university*s academic calendar, see