A Proposal and Call for Funding for GoPeaks.org Initiative


Global OpenLabs for Performance-Enhancement Analytics and Knowledge System



“Without a common framework to organize findings, isolated knowledge does not cumulate.”

…2009 Nobel Laureate Elinor Ostrom


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GoPeaks Phase 1 “Building a Smart(er) Business Ecosystem” (2018-2030):

1.     A core team of lead researchers in both academia and industry as a GoPeaks network.

2.     An academic committee, responsible for annual best synthesis work nomination and design of a pilot integrative doctoral program.

3.     An advisory board, advising fundraising for a permanent endowment (GoPeaks Foundation).

4.     A GoPeaks digital library, including a data/model search engine and exchange platform.

5.     A GoPeaks real-time ranking of integrative frameworks, researchers, journals, labs, and b-schools based on replicability and relative weight in explaining/predicting Peaks matrix.

6.     A relatively complete GoPeaks business ecosystem, connecting synthesis labs, translational programs, analytics professionals, and policy coordination.


GoPeaks Phase 2 “Building a Smart(er) Society” (2030-2050):

7.     GoPeaks’ full name renamed to “Global OpenLabs for People-Enriching Analytics and Knowledge System”

8.     GoPeaks extensions for knowledge synthesis within each discipline/area, covering all non-business disciplines/areas.

9.     A relatively complete GoPeaks ecosystem within each discipline/area, connecting all knowledge synthesis labs within a discipline/area with its stakeholders in the society.


GoPeaks Phase 3 “Knowledge Democracy Movement” (2050-2075):

10.  Linking all knowledge synthesis labs (and their ecosystems) across disciplines/areas and across ecosystems.

11.  Sharing and synchronizing all knowledge within and across disciplines/areas on a unified online platform -- a shared “brain” of the society.

12.  Connecting all humans and organizations in the world to this shared “brain”.


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