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Global OpenLabs for Performance-Enhancement Analytics and Knowledge System



“Without a common framework to organize findings, isolated knowledge does not cumulate.”

…2009 Nobel Laureate Elinor Ostrom


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Efforts to build the intellectual foundation


1.     With Dr. Michael Hitt (Texas A&M University), I have finished a critical review of the current knowledge ecosystem of management research and education. It is currently under Revise and Resubmit at Academy of Management Learning & Education.


2.     With Dr. Michael Hitt (Texas A&M University) and Dr. Denise Rousseau (Carnegie Mellon University), I drafted a vision paper on the key elements of a new business science-practice ecosystem.


3.     With Yuanyuan Li (PhD student at Rutgers University), Dr. George Banks (University of North Carolina at Charlotte), and Dr. Erik Gonzalez-Mulé (Indiana University), I am co-authoring a meta-analysis of about 40 empirical studies on post-foreign entry performance. For science, we lay out a general template for synthesizing alternative theories and mapping the most generous set of predictors into a unified meta-framework on post-entry performance, as well as context boundaries. For practice, our findings can help to identify knowledge gaps (e.g., lack of replications) and inconsistencies (e.g., conflicting conclusions in replications), as well as to build a science-informed training model for foreign investment analytics.


4.     With Dr. Marc van Essen (University of South Carolina), Dr. Steve Sauerwald (University of Illinois at Chicago), and Dr. Michael Hitt (Texas A&M University), I am co-authoring a meta-analysis of 150+ primary studies on country-level predictors for sustainable corporate performance matrix, that is, under what institutional conditions companies are more likely to achieve positive correlations among performance measures from different stakeholder perspectives (e.g., shareholders, customers, employees, societies). It is to build up a comprehensive matrix of multi-stakeholder performance measurement under the philosophy of “total value creation”– that is, “Peaks”. For science, the findings can help business researchers from all disciplines (stakeholder domains) to relate their research to performance indicators from other disciplines (or domains), and to find common drivers of multiple stakeholder performance indicators. For practice, we help analytics professionals to introduce and monitor a holistic set of corporate performance indicators, as well as to build a science-informed training model for “total value creation” (“Peaks”) analytics.


5.     I am proposing a series of knowledge mining tools to assist researchers to locate and organize scientific findings from digital libraries into analytic frameworks. The goal is to create a semi-automatic tool to identify inconsistencies and redundancies in the literature in terms of definitions, conceptualizations, theories and logics, as well as measures. Currently, with Dr. Reza Mousavi (University of North Carolina at Charlotte), I am proposing a review article using a new computer-assisted algorithm.

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