A Proposal and Call for Funding for GoPeaks.org Initiative


Global OpenLabs for Performance-Enhancement Analytics and Knowledge System



“Without a common framework to organize findings, isolated knowledge does not cumulate.”

…2009 Nobel Laureate Elinor Ostrom


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1.     From a business science-practice ecosystem to a general social science-practice ecosystem: Professional subjects such as education, public administration, public policy, development, and law may all fit into a generalized social science-practice ecosystem. As shown in Figure 2 above, in the proposed knowledge navigation system map, we can replace “Business Literature” in Figure 1 with “Subject Area Literature” of a professional school that has reached the volume ready for knowledge synthesis. Similarly, the “Peaks” business performance can be replaced with a social performance matrix relevant to any of these professional subjects. As an example, a research topic for a social science-practice synthesis could be a general predictive model to explain the long-term balance between wealth and equality of a society.


2.     From a prescriptive (i.e., performance-enhancement) teleology to a descriptive scientific teleology: Knowledge fragmentation is not a problem unique for professional schools, but for academia in general. As shown in Figure 3 above, we can replace “Business Literature” in Figure 1 with the literature of any academic disciplines (e.g., economics, psychology, sociology, political science, etc.) or interdisciplinary areas (e.g., organization science, sustainability) that faces the same problem of high volume and high fragmentation of knowledge, which requires knowledge synthesis to solve grand challenges and complex problems. We also need to replace the “Peaks” business performance measure to a consolidated matrix of dependent variables (e.g., human behavior, environmental sustainability) relevant in these disciplines/areas. As an example, a research topic for a science synthesis could be the general predictive model for human behavior – a grand challenge puzzling all social scientists.


3.     From information democracy to knowledge democracy: The ultimate goal of GoPeaks (and its various extensions) is to connect all knowledge together in a unified web through daily electronic devices (computers, smartphones), on which any consolidated knowledge will be updated timely and drive synchronized updates in all connected areas, in both practice and science. It is a step to create and evolve a shared “brain” connecting all humans and organizations together, independent of any private or political interests. One challenge facing our societies today is democracy of information without democracy of reason, rationality, and knowledge, leading to fake news, biased opinions and misguided populism. Scientific knowledge (or a tool to utilize it) is currently not accessible to all. By connecting all knowledge together and making it accessible to all, GoPeaks aims to neutralize biased opinions and counter misguided populism.


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