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From Business Science-Practice Synthesis to Social Science-Practice Synthesis


·         Professional practice often carries a meta-theoretical/multi-disciplinary nature. Many professional subjects may be formulated into a generalized social science-practice ecosystem. As shown in Figure 2 above, in the proposed knowledge navigation system map, we can replace “Business Literature” in Figure 1 with “Subject Area Literature” of a professional school that has reached the volume ready for knowledge synthesis.


From a Prescriptive Teleology to a Descriptive Teleology


·         Knowledge fragmentation within and between disciplines is a widespread problem in academia. Advances in theory, discoveries, and technology made in one discipline often take a long delay for corresponding synchronized updates in other disciplines, even though such updates can be highly valuable. Such fragmentation often makes the linkages among different knowledge branches unclear, making it difficult for them to complement each other to scale their societal impact. A further extension is needed from a prescriptive (performance-enhancing) teleology concerning professional schools to a descriptive (positivist-scientific) teleology concerning a broader range of disciplines in academia. As shown in Figure 3 above, we can replace “Business Literature” in Figure 1 with the literature of any academic disciplines or interdisciplinary academic subjects that faces the same problem of high volume and high fragmentation of knowledge, which requires knowledge synthesis to solve grand challenges and complex problems.


From Information Democracy to Knowledge Democracy


·         Knowledge fragmentation is a general problem concerning human wisdom. It has to do with the natural cognitive limits of the human brain. We are all blind (wo)men trying to sense the big elephant – the whole of the world. We rely on reduced approximations to make sense of the world – and different people rely on different such approximations. On top of our cognitive limits is our innate complacency that often stops us from expanding our approximations –our neurobiological tendency is to think our own approximations as more superior than other peoples’. “No human being is constituted to know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth; and even the best of men must be content with fragments, with partial glimpses, never the full fruition” –said Sir William Osler. Connecting all knowledge silos together and making the whole accessible to all, GoPeaks aims to broaden the scope of people’s perspectives, neutralize biased opinions, and counter misguided populism in a society. In short, it creates a “shared” brain of holistic wisdom accessible to all in the world, independent of any parochial interests. Thus, the ultimate goal of GoPeaks (and its various extensions) is to create an artificial “shared” brain to access the whole of truth and to make sense of the whole of the world.


Please also see the Boundary Conditions for limtiations and a Timeline for initiating these extensions.


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