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Future events



Knowledge Synthesis Researchers Network (II)


·           During 2019-2020, I plan to host several talks with students and faculty in b-school PhD programs that focus on knowledge breadth in solving complex business/social problems and cover multiple disciplines at an advanced level in the core curriculum and thesis development. Qualitative data will be collected on their best practices and challenges, with special attention paid to two fundamental questions: “what for?” and “so what?”. First, “what for”: how do we manage the seemingly self-contradictory goal of a PhD program between a specialized training (i.e., programming receptive minds into existing knowledge territories) and an advanced liberal education (i.e., liberating curious minds through one entry point to the holistic intellectual world, both known and unknown)? Second, “so what”: how do we enhance a student’s career performance (academic and/or professional) with training in knowledge breadth and holistic thinking skills?



Networking for Senior Executives on Analytics-based Decision Making (III)




·           On March 26, 2019, Bob Messier (SVP – Marketing & Customer Engagement, SAS) and I are co-hosting a session at The Analytics Frontiers Conference in Charlotte. The proposed topic is to discuss best practices and challenges on (re)designing an organization for analytics-based strategic decision making.



Research Incentives (III)


·           In summer 2019, I plan to gather b-school scholars known for their knowledge breath (rather than only depth) and, because of their integrative scholarship hosting this breath, for having made a tangible impact on solving complex business/social problems. Discussions will focus on designing a new scholarly performance assessment in terms of knowledge breath (rather than only depth), novelty in structure (rather than contents/techniques/theories), and holistic (rather than only coherent) thinking in a complex business/social problem. A ranking approach will be developed to rate researchers, outlets, and b-schools/universities based on the new scholarly performance assessment in explaining/predicting the Peaks matrix (see Intellectual Foundation for Peaks matrix).



B-School Incentives (III)


·           In summer 2020, I plan to gather b-school administrators, b-school accreditation leaders, and university provosts who are responsible for interdisciplinary studies and/or social impact. Discussions will focus on whether and how the ideas generated from the above two outreach events can be adapted and extended into actual university/b-school/accreditation practices.



Please also see Timeline for a more general picture of plans.


Past events





The Big Picture of GoPeaks for Consulting and B-Schools



·           During spring 2018, I presented the core ideas of GoPeaks to some leaders in the consulting industry and b-school accreditation such as Dominic Barton (Global Managing Partner/De Facto Leader of McKinsey Co.) and Tom Robinson (President/CEO of AACSB International) on the big picture of GoPeaks business ecosystem (PDF).



Networking for Senior Executives on Analytics-based Decision Making (II)


·           With Mikael Hagstroem (then Partner/COO at McKinsey Analytics), Jennifer Roberts (then Charlotte Mayor), and Dr. Mirsad Hadzikadic (Director of Data Science Initiative and Founding Dean of College of Computing and Informatics, University of North Carolina at Charlotte), I hosted a Charlotte City Club “Big Thinkers” Forum on September 6, 2017, on how to form an industry-university-government community to promote resource exchanges on analytics. I presented a proposed knowledge navigation system integrating science and practice. The event was attended by 90+ invited big thinkers/leaders in education, private, and public sectors in the Charlotte region.



Knowledge Synthesis Researchers Network (I)





·           With Dr. George Banks (University of North Carolina at Charlotte), I organized a presenter symposium on “Science-practice interface: Meta-analyzing theories for performance implications” on August 8, 2017, in Atlanta, George. Three distinct research teams presented their meta-analytical reviews on topics at individual, corporate, and international levels, all of which included a performance measure as the dependent variable to generate prescriptive values. The teams also exchanged ideas on frontier techniques of meta-analysis. For instance, Dr. James Field (West Virginia University; a founding member of presented the data portal of Dr. Marc van Essen (University of South Carolina) presented new techniques of meta-analysis based on partial correlations. The purpose of this symposium was to start a network of meta-analysis researchers for prescriptive research.



Research Incentives (II)




·           With Dr. Denise Rousseau (University Professor at Carnegie Mellon University; 2005 President of Academy of Management) and Dr. Michael Hitt (University Professor Emeritus at Texas A&M University; 1997 President of Academy of Management), I am proposing a new research society of business faculty and doctoral students to contribute integrative frameworks to the “GoPeaks” library. We did a 2017 Academy of Management Panel Symposium on “Time is ripe for knowledge synthesis: (Re)inventing technologies, outlets, and incentives” with three other former Academy presidents, Dr. Jim Walsh (University of Michigan; 2010 President), Dr. Susan Jackson (Rutgers University; 2011 President), and Dr. Duane Ireland (Texas A&M University; 2014 President) on August 6, 2017, in Atlanta, Georgia. The panel discussed ideas to encourage knowledge integration as a new agenda for management studies and how it can complement the existing scientific journal-centric system. In the panel, I presented a Concept Demo for a GoPeaks digital system.



Networking for Senior Executives on Analytics-based Decision Making (I)



Image result for The Analytics Frontiers Conference


·           With Mikael Hagstroem (then Partner/COO at McKinsey Analytics), I co-hosted a breakout session on “Business strategy analytics: Integrating reason and data” at The Analytics Frontiers Conference on March 29, 2017, in Charlotte. I presented two research proposals on integrating scientific knowledge synthesis and big data resources from the workplace. The session was attended by 300+ participants interested in data analytics-based strategy making.



Research Incentives (I)



·           I organized and chaired the 2016 Academy of Management Professional Development Workshop (PDW) on “Creating a more reliable and cumulative knowledge ecosystem: Meeting senior editors of five leading journals” on August 6, 2016, in Anaheim, California, with Dr. Arun Rai (Editor-in-Chief, MIS Quarterly), Dr. Kris Byron (Associate Editor, Academy of Management Review), Dr. Christopher Marquis (Associate Editor, Administrative Science Quarterly), Dr. Gilad Chen (Editor, Journal of Applied Psychology), and Dr. John Cantwell (Editor-in-Chief, Journal of International Business Studies). The panel discussed how to redesign journal presentations and editorial policies so that knowledge is more accessible and accumulative.



B-School Incentives (II)



·           With Dr. Henry Mintzberg (McGill University), Dr. Peter Lorange (former President of IMD, former board member of AACSB and EFMD), Dr. William Glick (Chair of AACSB, Dean of Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University), and Dr. JC Spender (former Dean of NYIT, Co-editor of Oxford Handbook of Management Education), I hosted the 2015 Academy of Management Panel Symposium on “Designing the future business schools”. Attended by 200+ Academy of Management members, this panel discussed ideas to reform the incentive systems of business schools towards a better integration between science and practice.



B-School Incentives (I)



·           While wrapping up my PhD study, with Charles McMillan (York University; Senior Policy Advisor to Canadian Prime Minister), I contributed a paper entitled “Business schools in a changing global world: Who creates best practice and knowledge management?” to the Inaugural EFMD Conference on Higher Education and Research on February 14, 2012, at Lorange Institute of Business in Zurich, Switzerland. EFMD is a major accreditation agency for business schools worldwide.


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