A Proposal and Call for Funding for GoPeaks.org Initiative


Global OpenLabs for Performance-Enhancement Analytics and Knowledge System



“Without a common framework to organize findings, isolated knowledge does not cumulate.”

…2009 Nobel Laureate Elinor Ostrom


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Budget plan


I plan to fund the operation of GoPeaks from a variety of sources. First, to build a seed of a permanent endowment to fund long-term research, the system will be funded by and named after a primary donor. This endowment will be mainly used to match other grants to support lead researchers and their host institutions (e.g., business schools, universities, industry centers of excellence) that are instrumental in the long-term development of GoPeaks initiative. Second, I am inventing a new model to fund integrative/synthesis research. It will be based on advertisement opportunities associated with each search keyword or question on the GoPeaks digital library. Lastly, staffing will be primarily funded by translational programs (e.g., decision software, professional/executive training, educational materials, etc.).


I am looking to present some of the working projects and a more detailed budget plan to potential funders, academic and industry partners to materialize this proposal into the first lab and the coordination office of GoPeaks.


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