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GoPeaks initiative will be operated under several funding opportunities:


GoPeaks Foundation


·         To build a permanent endowment to fund long-term research, a seed of funding will be raised from a major donor. A proposed 4% annual withdrawal from the endowment will primarily be used to match other grants to support lead researchers and their host institutions (e.g., business schools, universities, industry centers of excellence) that are instrumental in the long-term development of GoPeaks initiative.


GoPeaks Digital Library


·         I am inventing a new model to fund integrative/synthesis research. The library will be named after and sponsored by a major donor. There will also be advertisement opportunities associated with each search keyword or question on the GoPeaks digital library. The funding will be then distributed to an open innovation community of fragmented research teams, whose outputs need to be put together to explain the keyword or answer the research question.


GoPeaks Knowledge


·         Staffing will be primarily funded by knowledge translation/dissemination programs (e.g., GoPeaks evidence-based decision/analytics software, professional/executive training, and other educational materials, etc.).


GoPeaks Architecture


·         While the budget is primarily to cover direct costs to research and knowledge translation/dissemination programs, I also look for support to design and construct a landmark architecture symbolizing the first-ever shared “brain” of a sustainable human society.


·         This architecture will play dual roles:


·         (1) It will be a physical site where committed founding researchers and staff are hosted and research seminars/conferences are organized;

·         (2) It will host a Museum honoring the world’s most influential holistic thinkers whose intellectual work has made enduring impacts on humanity towards a sustainable and globally connected society and such impacts have survived time test across generations and transcended the barriers of knowledge disciplines, work professions, and cultures of humanity.


I am currently organizing a board of advisors/trustees for fundraising. I look for opportunities to present some of the working projects and a more detailed budget plan to potential funders, academic and industry partners to materialize this proposal into the first lab and the coordination office of GoPeaks.


Picture Source: Allen Institute for Brain Science


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