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Global OpenLabs for Performance-Enhancement Analytics and Knowledge System



“Without a common framework to organize findings, isolated knowledge does not cumulate.”

…2009 Nobel Laureate Elinor Ostrom


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Boundary conditions


No medicine is panacea; neither is GoPeaks. There are two things GoPeaks can do, and one thing it cannot. First, it can synthesize theories and empirical evidence to find reliable thinking short-cuts to automate some decision rules, as well as to identify their context boundaries. Second, it can de-automate some rigid thinking short-cuts that are not supported by empirical evidence or are only applicable in a very narrow and hardly replicable context.


However, it cannot replace human judgement. Business (and any other professional subjects) is not a science. It is a practice that integrates sciences, arts, philosophy, and many other disciplines to enhance performance. Very often big business decisions must be made without a general theory or sufficient evidence. Business success does not only rely on imitations of “best practices” generalizable from scientific research (which has a diminishing margin of benefits with an increasing number of imitators), but also from deliberate search and design for idiosyncrasy, abnormality, and heterogeneity that cannot be generalized. They would require non-routine/extra-scientific efforts, innovative and design thinking, as well as entrepreneurial doing (see my Vlog SHIVA devoted to these skills).


Having said that, GoPeaks can help to reduce uncertainties in decisions, saving resources for these other types of efforts.


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