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Global OpenLabs for Performance-Enhancement Analytics and Knowledge System



“Without a common framework to organize findings, isolated knowledge does not cumulate.”

…2009 Nobel Laureate Elinor Ostrom


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Boundary conditions


No medicine is panacea; neither is GoPeaks. There are two things GoPeaks can do, and one thing it cannot. First, it can synthesize theories and empirical evidence to find reliable thinking short-cuts to automate some decision rules, as well as to identify their context boundaries. Second, it can de-automate some rigid thinking short-cuts that are not supported by empirical evidence or are only applicable in a very narrow and hardly replicable context.


However, it cannot completely replace human judgement. Business (and any other professional subjects) is not a science. It is a practice that integrates sciences, arts, philosophy, and many other disciplines to enhance performance. Very often big business decisions have to be made without a general theory or sufficient evidence, or deliberately look for idiosyncrasy, abnormality, and heterogeneity that are not supposed to be generalized into a scientific model. They would require non-routine/extra-scientific skills, innovative and design thinking, as well as entrepreneurial doing. Having said that, GoPeaks can help to reduce uncertainties in decisions, saving resources for these non-routine works (see my Vlog SHIVA devoted to these skills).

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