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Global OpenLabs for Performance-Enhancement Analytics and Knowledge System (GoPeaks)



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GoPeaks, where knowledge accumulates for measurable societal impact!


Q: What for?

A: Performance-Enhancement Analytics.


·         It develops and updates a pluralistic performance matrix for a sustainable business concerning all stakeholders (Peaks matrix, note that Peaks is a plural term here).

·         It then prescribes “best practices” that enhance the Peaks matrix from meta-theoretical and meta-analytic research synthesis.


Q: How?

A: Global OpenLabs.


·         It builds an open-innovation community to consolidate knowledge and data resources from disperse sources to identify Peaks matrix-enhancing “best practices”.


Q: Where?

A: Knowledge System.


·         It hosts a knowledge/resource digital exchange platform for open innovation.

·         It hosts a digital library organizing old knowledge and guiding new research that enhances Peaks matrix.


Q: So What?

A: A Shared “Brain”.


·         It starts a long-term construction of a shared “brain” to democratize the access to holistic reasoning, started in research/practice for sustainable business performance then scaled and extended to all disciplines and areas in a society.


Please read the vision paper.


Victor Zitian Chen, PhD

Founding Coordinator (In the process of building a core team)

GoPeaks.org Initiative

Personal Web: www.ChenZitian.com

Tel: 1 (980) 800-1123

Email: founder@GoPeaks.org

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