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Global OpenLabs for Performance-Enhancement Analytics and Knowledge System (GoPeaks)



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What is GoPeaks trying to accomplish?


Q: What for?

A: Performance-Enhancement Analytics.


·         It develops and updates a pluralistic performance matrix for a sustainable business concerning all stakeholders (Peaks matrix).

·         It then prescribes “best practices” that enhance the Peaks matrix from meta-theoretical and meta-analytic research synthesis.


Q: How?

A: Global OpenLabs.


·         It builds an open-innovation community to consolidate knowledge and data resources from disperse sources to identify Peaks matrix-enhancing “best practices”.


Q: Where?

A: Knowledge System.


·         It hosts a knowledge/resource digital exchange platform for open innovation.

·         It hosts a digital library organizing old knowledge and guiding new research that enhances Peaks matrix.


Q: So What?

A: A Shared “Brain” of a Sustainable Human Society.


·         It starts a long-term construction of a shared “brain” of a sustainable human society, started in business research and practice then scaled and extended to all other disciplines and areas.


Please read the vision paper.


Victor Zitian Chen, PhD

Founding Coordinator

GoPeaks.org Initiative

Personal Web: www.ChenZitian.com

Tel: 1 (980) 800-1123

Email: founder@GoPeaks.org

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