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Sense of Humor, Imagination, Value, and Arts (SHIVA)


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With new information technologies and big data analytics that automate many complex decisions in management and business (see my initiative GoPeaks.org), human managers enjoy more professional time from routine works but demand more creative skills. Successful management requires not only logic analysis and imitation of evidence-based prescriptions, which ironically would erode an imitator’s favorite competitive position as they become accessible to more imitators. It also requires creative activities for idiosyncrasy, abnormality, and heterogeneity to deal with untheorizable/untestable problems. These activities would require heuristic/intuitive/design skills as well as strong will and effective communications (e.g., sense of humor) to get things done.


This Vlogue is thus devoted to my dialogues and thoughts on these skills for business/management practice. SHIVA is named after the third God of Trimurti in Hinduism, known as the destroyer of evil and the transformer. It reflects the underlying rhetoric of this Vlogue, which inspires thinking and doing of creative and disruptive transformation. I plan to shoot and upload videos of my conversations with renowned creative thinkers and doers around the world on their reflections.


The first video is scheduled to be uploaded here by summer 2019.


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